Check Guarantee

Don't lose the sale, say "yes" to we accept checks.
• Accept checks you now refuse
• Insure your profits
• No second I.D. required
• Stop payment coverage
• Checks screened in seconds
• Reduce collection costs
• Guaranteed low rates
• Accept out of state checks

Are you like most retailers? Do you require a major credit card and a driver's license to accept a check. Only 50% of the buying U.S. population have a major credit card.

Thousands of retailers are testimonials to the fact that the liberal acceptance of checks increases sales and creates customer goodwill. However, with the number of bad checks on the rise, the prudent businessman faces a dilemma to increase sales, he should accept checks yet the risk is too high. This is where check guarantee can help.

We Guarantee Checks!

It Works Just The Way It Sounds. We offer a unique Check Guarantee Program through CrossCheck that combines a liberal check acceptance policy to help increase and guarantee your check sales, with a check guarantee service that is cost effective. Our extensive computerized data bank helps us separate the good customers from the habitual bad check writers.

"Nearly 60% of those surveyed said they would shop more often if checks were accepted and nearly 50% said they would buy more each shopping trip".

It's Easy. Our Check Guarantee Program lets you accept personal or company checks from practically anyone. All you do is press a button on your terminal or call toll-free with the check writer's name, amount, and driver's license. Instantly, you receive an approval number. If, for some reason, the check is returned unpaid, the amount of the check will be reimbursed to you. Check guarantee covers: insufficient funds, account closed, stolen checks, and even stop payment for most retailers.

Cost Effectiveness Guaranteed. We can tailor a Check Guarantee Program to meet your specific needs. We're positive that our service will be more cost effective than your present check policy. Our basic pricing structure includes a nominal set-up fee, plus a small percentage of the face value of each check, depending on your check volume. You pay only for the checks you choose to guarantee.

Trial Program. If you are not using a Check Guarantee Service, try it for 90 days and see the impact is has on increased sales and profitability. If at any time you feel the service is not worth many times more than its cost, you can cancel. This complete "No Surprise" program sets us above the rest.

Competitive Pricing. If you use a major competitor, not only will we provide you with superior service and features that will make life easier for you, we will guarantee a price reduction of at least 10%.

ATM Debit Card Service

Accepting ATM Debit cards is only a fraction of the cost compared to other forms of payment which means lower overall costs and increased profits. Debit cards offer the convenience of "plastic shopping" to a customer base much larger than that of credit card customers.

When you accept ATM debit cards purchases are debited from the customers checking account and transferred to your business account. Because debit cards are treated as cash transactions they are not subject to chargebacks and in most parts of the country you can choose to give cash back to your customers which encourages repeat business.
• Greater convenience for customers.
• Increase customer traffic.
• Risk-free transactions.
• Cash-back option available.
• Most inexpensive payment solution.
• No Chargebacks.
• More ATM cards issued than all credit cards combined.

Money in the bank is better than cash in your hand!
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