We understand that accepting credit cards is vital to your business. That’s why we established a program with a wide range of benefits that is both inexpensive and flexible to accommodate each individual business.

Because all businesses are unique the cost to establish service and the monthly fees that apply to each may vary. Listed below is a general outline of the cost involved to establish a credit card merchant account so you can start accepting credit cards from your customers. To better determine the cost or qualification of your business you can pre-apply for service at no charge.

Processing Fees
Meritum USA
charges a processing fee to handle the required forms for establishing service and for any necessary site inspections. Processing fees range from $20.00 to $240.00 and are refundable should you not qualify.

Monthly Fees

Discount rates charged start at 1.49% for retailers and 2.2% for non-retailers. There is also a $0.20 transaction fee, $10.00 statement fee and a minimum fee of $5.00 to $20.00.

No service club fees No fees to Open and Close your batch. No hidden fees

Equipment/Software Cost

Meritum offers a variety of draft capture terminals and software to accommodate the needs of your business. Whether you process transactions from a store front, by phone or over the Internet Meritum has inexpensive solutions to accommodate your business and fit your budget.

How to Get Started

Meritum makes it easy to setup and qualify for service. Simply submit the pre-application form below and Meritum will do the rest. Your pre-application will be processed immediately and an account representative will contact you within 48 hours with a pre-approval and to answer any questions.

(800) 431-9848

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